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Sihtuk is one of the leader in Supply and Distribution, Retail and F&B for a holistic approach to an organic lifestyle. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE. We work across the GCC. With our Sihtuk family, our passion spans the globe to share our vision with you within a set a defined core values that uphold our mission.

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Leading Organic Food Supplier in UAE

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Great food and beverages from across the world.


Our Features

Why Sihtuk is best and their products are unique and organic.

GMO out of the Food

GMO out of the Food

Not any single involvement to produce food with genetically engineered process or by organisms that efffect on DNA part.

Healthy Soil

Healthy Soil

Improving water infiltration and retention capacity through high levels of organic matter and permanent soil cover.

Healthier Farm Lifestyle

Healthier Farm Lifestyle

Through Organic production, we make lifestyle of farmers more easy and comfortable with enhancing health factor.


Our Featured Products

Our range of special organic products that benefits to accessible a brighter and sustainable future with organic lifestyle.

why choose us
Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Sihtuk Organic is committed to helping its clients reach their goals, to personalising their food experience with our innovative organic products.

Natural Process

Natural Process

Promote healthy organic living in our communities.

100% Organic Products

100% Organic Products

Practice environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Homegrown Goodness

Homegrown Goodness

Welfare and happiness of staff and stakeholders.

Ethical Sourcing

Ethical Sourcing

We source the right product for our client, thus mitigating risk, reducing operating cost and protecting their brand image.

We are a Startup Company, Experts in the field of
Organic Startup Movement.


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Few Words by our Customers

Few Words by our Customers

Testimonial by our customer is not only few words; It's an endorsement to keep work in our path and motivational boost to achieve what we have started for.

What We Assure

All our Production Process and Products are duly certified.
We are passionate about raising the standards within the organic industry and from cultivation to harvesting, from processing to production through sales and marketing, each step of the way is a testimony of our commitment to integrity, accountability and responsibility.