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Sihtuk promotes healthy living

Sihtuk Organic, believes in providing healthier food choices to the society. We believe in our responsibility of being ethical and honest food retailers.

Our philosophy lies in inculcating the power of healthy food in bringing positive change in our life style, in our customer’s approach towards choice of natural food. With a focus on environmental sustainability, community involvement and unmatched customer service, we strive to provide our best possible guidance on the choice and consumption of our products. We ensure that our products are of high quality and meet the set standards. Apart from our own virgin land farming, under the foothills of natural resources, we source our products across the world but stick to our view of ‘grow local, eat local’. As a community-based business organization, it is our responsibility to give back to our community in every possible way. We provide job opportunities to the locals and strive hard to be an inclusive business community, with a positive impact on the lives of the community. We recognize the importance of family farming and so deal directly with farmers and producers whenever possible. This ensures that we get the most nutritious products, while decreasing the food miles associated with the food we eat.

We welcome you to be a part of the health conscious community of SIHTUK!

Sihtuk promotes healthy living

Educate consumers on the benefits of adopting an organic lifestyle. Offer healthy alternatives for children by way of compromise-free products. Provide affordable high-quality organic products. Use only recycled and bio-degradable packaging within a waste-free supply chain. Engage in CSR initiatives for a brighter and sustainable future.

To provide a global platform for an organic lifestyle accessible to every person in the GCC.

Promote healthy organic living in our communities. Grow our business with honesty and integrity. Always keep the customer first Practice environmental stewardship and sustainability. Welfare and happiness of staff and stakeholders.

Why Organic

Why Organic?

Grown by Nature with Sihtuk

Our tagline "Live Healthy" is all about protecting, being responsible and preserving the environment, you can show your customer how environmentally-conscious you are while serving them your delicious meals with Back to Nature Tableware and food packing products.

What we offer

We source, process and trade organic and conventional food ingredients by differentiating ourselves with tailor-made solutions to suit individual requirements. Eco Friendly and biodegradable products and the right sourcing that go easy on our environment.
We cater needs of every client including business, consumers and supply natural products that is compostable, refraining from environmental loss.

Cultivate Clarity, Strength, vitality and power from natural, beautiful and organic living foods."

Bryant McGill

Voice of Reason

Save the Planet, Buy Organic"

Nancy Philips

Let food be thy medicine."


The spirit of pessimism inside of her was purely organic."

S.A. Tawks

The Spirit of Pessimism