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Sihtuk means “Your Health”/ “Healthy Living”. And we care of your health and deliver the best Organic and Natural products at your doorsteps.

No, right we don’t have but it is coming soon on androind and iOS.

You can visit our webpage at and the webpage will guide you further

You can click on Signup – signup with your google/facebook account or fill up your details and signup with Sihtuk – shop – add to cart – buy now – proceed to checkout - payment – sign out

We are supplying organic, natural and fresh products to your doorstep. Product line includes: fruits & vegetables, dairy, bakery, soft drinks & juices, candies & snacks, pasta & rice, coffee & tea, herbs and biodegradable range.

Make sure there are no spelling mistakes in your search words. If the product is unavailable, there are two easy ways to suggest to us to add it. You can both visit the side menu and tap the suggest a product option or suggest the product via the no results search screen. We will do our best to include it on our platform as of the earliest.

Your Sihtuk delivery takes place on either Saturday or Sunday with limited exceptions on Monday

No! Your delivery is included for free as part of your subscription/registration. The only time this is not the case is if your delivery falls during a holiday period. If this is the case our delivery partners charge an additional fee which unfortunately we have to pass along. Currently this vary upon your cart value. Generally we offer free delivery!

No problem! If you can let us know as soon as possible and we can inform the delivery company to reschedule delivery until a later time or the next day.

Currently we deliver across Dubai (expect very remote areas - if unsure please reach out to us at !)

The cardboard box can be recycled as you wish or we'll happily collect that too each week.

If your order is placed on or before 11 am you will received delivery on the same day and if the order is place after 11 am then your delivery will happen on the next subsequent day

You can choose from the following payment methods as per technical availability:

  • • Cash on delivery
  • • Online payment. We accept payments online using Visa, MasterCard and AMEX credit/debit card. Availability may differ from country to country, region to region and shop to shop

If you make a payment for our products or services on our website or application, the details you are asked to submit will be provided directly to our payment gateway via a secured connection. The User can select which payment method is preferred. The payment methods available are displayed for selection when the order is finalized. If for any reason the online payment transaction is declined, Sihtuk is entitled to offer the User cash on delivery payment option or credit card reader on delivery where available

Send us a location request through whatsapp or email or the website from the area selection screen. Sihtuk will update you once the service is available in the requested area.

You can check the minimum order of your preferred shop by adding an item to your basket and visiting it.

No! Right now we don’t have 24/7 delivery service, but soon it will come round the clock

At Sihtuk we do our outmost to deliver within the promised time. Depending on your location, the delivery times may vary from shop to shop. When you submit an order, you will see a confirmation screen displaying the estimated delivery time.

At Sihtuk we do our outmost to deliver within the promised time. However, a delay may occur due to a high influx of orders or other unforeseen circumstances. In such cases Sihtuk will notify you via a push notification or a phone call or a SMS from our customer support executive who will inform you about the status of your order.

Yes, to view the status of your order, enter the order status screen.

Yes, once you get to the check-out screen choose schedule and select from the following options; one-time, weekly or monthly order in the time slot convenient for you.

When an order is already placed, changing the delivery details is not possible. In the event that you have made a mistake and the address stated is not correct, you can contact our customer service team via in-app message or email at

Yes, simply go to the order history, tap on the order you’d like to repeat and choose reorder/view, from there you will be able to add all items to the cart, edit the order as you wish and submit it

Favorites are products you frequently order, categorized and easily accessible, enabling you to re-order them in just a few clicks.

Instant orders cannot be modified from the application or website once they are placed. In case you want to modify it, you can contact our customer service team via in-app message or call or email directly. However, a scheduled order can be modified. In order to do so click on ‘my orders’ from the side menu and edit your order.

At Sihtuk we strive to offer you the best service, from product accuracy to timely delivery. Our goal is to perfectly fulfill all of your orders. Unfortunately given the nature of the business and our reliance on an unpredictable value chain that is beyond our control, some items may actually be out of stock. In order to handle the complex dynamics, we have developed a substitution system in order for you to be able to choose the substitute products yourself and minimize unpleasant surprises at your doorstep. After your order is assigned from the delivery personnel and if it falls under substitution mode, you will receive a notification initiating the substitution procedure. From this moment on you will have a limited amount of time to review the substitutes and make your choice. We will receive the updated order and initiate the gathering of the products. Please take into consideration that the overall price will also be updated accordingly. In case you do not respond to the substitution request, we will make reasonable effort to contact you before dispatching the order to agree on substitutes. In the case that we are unable to reach you that product may be removed from the order and its price will be deducted from the overall amount.

Your feedback is crucial for us, as our goal is to provide you with the best possible service. You can send us any feedback, ideas or questions you might have through the contact us form in the side menu of the application and website. Feedback regarding specific orders can also be made through the review functionality. Once an order is completed and delivered you will be receiving email from our side to give the feedback and overall experience.